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Minecraft 1.7.3

Minecraft 1.7.3 Complete with Planes, Vehicles and WW2 Guns
Failo aprašymas:
This is exactly what it says in the name. Minecraft 1.7.3 With Planes mod (yes, actual aircraft in minecraft!), Vehicles Mod (Tanks and Jeeps) and WW2 Guns mod.

Kita informacija:

1. Download file.

2. Open .exe and extract wherever you wish.

3. Open Minecraft Beta Cracked.exe

4. (Optional) Make a shortcut to Minecraft Beta Cracked.exe By right-clicking and selecting Send to > Desktop (Create New Shortcut).

5. Use those Weapons and let loose your inner Berserk!!

Pagamintas: 2011
Formatas: .exe

Torrento failų sąrašas
1.) minecraft.exe (82.3 MB)